Tuesday, August 17, 2010


To smile , we use several muscles.It is a simple workout for the face, that is also preventive.It prevents wrinkles.

Monday, August 16, 2010


In a perfect world, everyone's passions will be cultivated.Everyone's passion will be enough to sustain a good life, a comfortable life.I'm saying this because watching the movie, All About Steve, made me realize that some people just can't pursue their passion because it won't earn a keep.Just like Sandra Bullock who is happy making crossword puzzles,can't get or earn so much respect as she should because she makes crossword puzzles that don't earn much and she is a bit weird as others would describe her,with her red boots, that make her toes feel like happy campers stuck to each other... well that's that..

In memoriam..I remember my grandmother and I honor her, and in my perfect world, she'd still be alive today, because in my perfect wedding day dream, she'd be there.Don't get me wrong,I don't feel bad she had to move on because we all do anyway.It is just that honoring her is like remembering her and all that she had given me, and I am just like the millions of people who still posts obituaries in the broadsheets of people who have been dead 10 years ago commemorating death anniversaries.My grandmother was a simple sewer slash homemaker.She was so simple in life and had very simple joys and a very positive outlook in life, in other words really totally different from me.For all the things she taught me, backstitching including, one that sticks with me and which I hope will not change in me, is that to never lose sight of what is essential ...and she's my Little Prince teacher..She in a sublte way taught me that what is essential is invisible to the naked eye.
and inside my head is a perfect world where she is one of the stars looking down on me.day and night.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday and Little Distractions

What is it with Friday? The very thought of it makes us smile..or not..well for the call center workforce maybe it is not the same case always, but nevertheless it is a happy day for many who wants to see their families or friends or significant others.It is a day to go whew or say , what a week, or say thank God this week is over, and then you sit back kick off your smelly shoes (tired feet from all the commute) and drink wine..hmm wine ba or coke pwede na.. basta fizzy. All week I tried to distract myself from getting depressed because Friday was so far away, I rented videos from Video city and had a movie marathon, to try to change the routine and inject something spontaneous in my life. If I had a car I would probably go somewhere and bring my cousins or friends somewhere to have a dinner or isaw sa may kanto, just to breakaway from all the same things that I do everyday, or just to inject that some chaos in a life that should be orderly, but alas not everything we wish can be given to us all at once, ika nga in God's perfect time. Don't get me wrong I don't live a highly functional life and I'm not a career-oriented person because I'd like to think that the creative side of my brain , that part that likes the arts and that hedonistic part wants to rule the rest of my brain.I'm blabbing and yapping but all i want to say is Thank God for Fridays, otherwise we won't feel as grateful like I do right now and I'm writing because it is a Friday the 13th..(and I like ironies)..

Friday, July 16, 2010


I Write Like is the newest -iwl.me (website), craze by writers.They paste a text onto it and it analyzes which author's work your work can be compared to.The maker of the website is a young Russian guy who aimed that the website be more educational than entertaining.He said that it all boiled down to the choice of our words.Apparently in all my blogs posted here, my choice of words resemble that of Kurt Vonnegut, HP Lovecraft and David Foster Wallace.This website kinda makes you feel good and you should try it too.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New President for 2010

President Benigno Aquino's win did not come as a surprise to many hopefuls like me who believe that the Filipinos or a majority of us still know the difference between water and sand. In Allan Shepard's words (The American President movie), during economic or any trying times in a nation, the people can sometimes be likened as people in the dessert sometimes they can't differentiate the water from sand. I have high hopes and expectations of this term but I am sure that not all would be fulfilled since you have to uproot the roots that have been there already for several years.

The healing will start with the leader like President Aquino and then will affect the rest of his team but not the rest of the local government because it is still a question of the personal will to curb the desire for more.

Being selfless is not easy and thinking of others' welfare is not convenient. I hope that with the new leader of the country, a lot of people can see insight into what being honest and having integrity means. I'm not hoping for a 360 degree turn around of the politics here in the Philippines but I'm just happy to know that after six years, we will see the budget deficit of our country become the lowest again. It is hard to tell if I would be as honest as the Aquinos can be because it is DNA ingrained on them but they give me the hope and they give me inspiration to follow.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Skating movies..

V day is just right around that itty bitty bend..I find movies with skaters very romantic.The last movies with skaters have been ages ago.Maybe one of the movie execs can pick up on this thought and make one.I liked Cutting Edge,, so maybe it can be Cutting Edge 2 or 3. I hope they can present a totally different story to the first one. The formula should be of a famous actress and a not so famous upcoming actor.. I can be a consultant for nice movies that may click..hahaha ..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ferry Tragedies

This will perhaps become one of my shortest blogs because I just want to say my opinion. I think that it is easy for the owners to let the old ferries travel like that overloaded because they are not riding it. It is just too bad for the people with low incomes to resort to riding those ferries so they can just go home for the holidays and then sinking in the middle of the ocean. I wish the owners would also take care of the lives of their passengers who in the end make them rich. Life is fragile along with death comes the fact that the people they leave behind also become broken for a long while.For the owners, it is just easy for you to use these old ferries/barges for your business because you won't be riding it anytime soon.